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How To Prepare Your Home for Spring

Written by Larry Davies | March 17, 2022

Believe it or not, spring has just about sprung, which means it’s time to clean, clear out, and take care of essential household tasks like draining the water heater and cleaning the gutters to avoid problems later. These tasks are vital for two of your home’s critical systems — HVAC and plumbing.

Here’s a list of tasks that will help ensure your plumbing and AC will work beautifully whenever you need them.

Check Your Outdoor HVAC System

Over the winter, your outdoor HVAC unit can become clogged with leaves, twigs, dirt, and even the nests of birds or small animals. Clean out any debris you find in, on, or around the unit. If you use a condenser cover in winter, remove it in spring. Also, check for cracks, leaks, holes, corrosion, or other damage that may need repair.

Check for Winter Damage to Your House

Right after the winter ice and cold has passed, inspect your home’s exterior for changes, such as damage caused by a frozen pipe you may not have noticed. Every hour a broken pipe is left untreated can do significantly more damage to your home, so call emergency plumbing services if needed.

Look for Leaks

Inspect your indoor pipes and fixtures for leaks. Check faucets and connections, particularly when you aren’t using them. Check for warning signs like the sound of water running when it shouldn’t be and water spots, mold, or pools of water. Don’t forget to inspect basement pipes and the plumbing under the house.

Air Filters

Air filters should be changed every 30 to 90 days, so use the change of season as a reminder, though ideally, you should check your air filter monthly. A clean air filter is needed to keep your indoor air clean and healthy, which will become even more important soon if your family has pollen allergies. Furthermore, clogged filters slow airflow, overworking your AC and increasing energy use.

Test Your AC

Before hot weather hits, give your AC a trial run to ensure it’s working perfectly before it gets hot as an oven and you’re drenched with sweat inside.

Mind Your Ducts

Another key to indoor air quality is your HVAC system’s ducts, which should be cleaned every five to seven years. It would help if you also had them periodically tested for air-tightness. If your ducts are leaking, you could improve your home’s heating and cooling efficiency by 20% with sealing and insulation.

Clean Your Drains

It’s wise to clean your drains regularly to prevent clogs and more significant plumbing problems stemming from buildup. Rather than use chemical drain cleaners that dissolve gunk and hair and eat away at sinks, counters, and pipes. Our plumbers recommend using Bio-Clean instead of baking soda and vinegar.

Check Your Sump Pump

Your sump pump may have strained itself over the winter keeping your basement dry, and who knows how much you may need it this spring. Check it by filling the basin with water. If it doesn’t start immediately, something’s broken. Although you could try cleaning your sump pump yourself to see if that helps, it’s probably better to call a professional plumber for assistance.

Feel Cool & Confident With All Comfort Services

Spring is a great time to call professional technicians to inspect, clean, and maintain your plumbing and HVAC system. All Comfort Services offers the Comfort Club maintenance plan as an affordable way to stay current with the quality, comprehensive services your home needs to keep running in tiptop shape.

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