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Comfort Club

The Comfort Club is a maintenance program designed to keep your heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems well maintained, and to protect you from the unexpected costs of breakdowns and emergency repairs.

Download this two-page Comfort Club Maintenance Plan Flyer.pdf to learn more.

What is the Comfort Club?
The All Comfort Services Comfort Club is a long-term service program designed to keep your home heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing equipment well maintained and help protect you from the unexpected costs of breakdowns and emergency repairs.

The Comfort Club is for homeowners who want peace of mind knowing they will have equipment maintained by a service partner who watches out for them.

Why sign up for the Comfort Club?
Keep warranties intact. Maintaining your equipment, just like changing the oil in your car, is required by manufacturers.
If you believe in routine maintenance every year, then this program allows you to get annual maintenance without paying much more. This program is for a long-term commitment versus once every other year maintenance.

What does the Comfort Club include?
We take care of the details. Your Comfort Club base price membership includes:

    • Annual preventive maintenance on your gas furnace and air conditioner.
    • Electrical and plumbing system safety checks every three years.
    • We remind you to schedule appointments for maintaining your gas furnace, air conditioner, plumbing, and electrical systems.
    • Priority scheduling over new customers, and existing non-member customers that call at a similar time frame.
    • No dispatch fee for on-demand service during normal business hours. ($129 value)
    • Discounts on repairs up to 10%
    • Well-trained and skilled technicians that you can trust in your home and know that they will give you the best options as needed.

The value of allowing our technicians to answer all your questions without feeling the rush of another customer waiting is priceless!

Options for taking care of other equipment such as non-traditional furnaces, boilers, humidifiers, and air cleaners (replacing filters) are at an additional cost. Note that if these items are not included in your membership, there will be out of membership fees. If you have a unit that is not covered in the plan, such as a humidifier there will be a $129 dispatch fee plus repair cost.

How much does it cost, and what is my commitment?
Our base price for Comfort Club’s ongoing membership is $31.95 per month. The easy autopay feature will process your membership on the 25th of each month. Note that we don’t accept American Express cards.

There is a one-time set-up fee of $99. This set-up fee is waived if you decide to purchase the membership with our technician or installer while they are performing a service onsite.
We ask you to be a good member. For us to offer this value, we ask that you also be flexible with scheduling during the offseason.

There is no obligation to stay in the Comfort Club. You can cancel at any time; however, because this membership requires a long-term commitment, there is a waiting period to rejoin. If you do choose to cancel, please email info@allcomfort services.com or mail to All Comfort Services at 5245 Voges Road, Madison WI 53718. We require a written record so that we know who canceled.

What is the value of signing up?
We estimate that in a typical year, you will spend $383.40 for the base price. See “What does the Comfort Club include?”

The value of this conservatively is $597.

We will be happy to go over the value. Contact us for more information.

How can All Comfort Services offer this incredible offering?
Essentially, our non-value service time allows us to offer a program that benefits you and keeps our outstanding team members busy as much as possible year-round. Typically service companies have slower periods due to weather conditions, and we ask you to work with us on the timing of scheduling your appointments.

We don’t spend time with technicians collecting payments or processing annual sign-ups.

When will my equipment be serviced?
Having each heating and cooling system looked at once a year is all that is necessary, so anytime really works. We prefer not to have snow on the ground for air conditioning, and we will schedule accordingly.

How do I sign up?
Talk to your service technician or installer during your scheduled appointment. If you sign up with them, you will get the $99 set-up fee waived.

Call us today at 608-838-7300 to learn more about the Comfort Club.

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