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Whole-Home Water Softener Systems & Service in Madison & The Greater Madison Area, WI

Hard water can cause a lot of problems around your home. It can leave spots on dishes and limescale deposits on tubs and sinks. It can also leave chalky buildup in your home’s plumbing system, which can lead to clogs, backups, plumbing problems, and expensive repairs.

When you’re ready to say ‘goodbye’ to your home’s hard water problems, contact All Comfort Services for a top-of-the-line whole-home water softener system! From product selection to installation, maintenance, repairs, and replacement, All Comfort Services has all of your water softener system needs covered!

Shopping for a new whole-home water softener system? Need a water softener installation, repair, or maintenance service?

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Benefits of a Whole-House Water Softener

A whole-house water softener offers many benefits, including:

  • Economical Water Softener reduces hard water throughout your home
  • In the Bathroom – hair is softer and more manageable
  • In the Kitchen – shiny, spotless dishes and glasses, a sparkling sink, use less detergent in your dishwasher
  • In the Laundry – save on detergents, clothes are brighter, whiter, and last longer
  • Throughout your home – spend less time cleaning; water-using appliances last longer; protect pipes and plumbing fixtures

Water Softeners versus Water Conditioning Systems: What’s the Difference?

Although water softeners and water conditioning systems both treat the water in your home, they do different things:

  • Water softeners use an ionic exchange process to remove minerals from your water (the minerals that cause hard water) and replace them with sodium ions. The extracted minerals are flushed out, leaving soft water behind.
  • Water conditioning systems, also called water descalers, do not entirely remove minerals from water. Instead, they alter the structure of the water so that minerals in the water are not left behind on your plumbing fixtures or equipment. In other words, water conditioning systems will leave minerals in your water.

Reducing Salt Use At Home:

New or optimized water softeners can help reduce chloride in the sewer system. The sewer system cannot process chloride, so it goes directly into lakes, streams, and drinking water. “Optimizing softeners for household water use and local water hardness can reduce salt use by 25% to 50%. If your household softener uses one bag of salt per month or more, have a professional tune it up or replace it with a high-efficiency model.” – Source: Wisconsin Salt Wise

Is your water softener Salt Wise? Take this evaluation.

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Capital Windsor Series Water Softeners

All Comfort Services only provides top-quality systems and services to our customers. That’s why we are pleased to offer the Capital Windsor Series water treatment system. Highly effective at conditioning water, these water softeners can automatically adjust to your family’s changing water use needs.

Additional features of the Capital Windsor Series water softeners include:

  • Variable reserve automatically adapts to how your family uses water
  • User-friendly electronics with permanent memory backup of all programmed settings ensure nothing is lost during power outages
  • Backup battery maintains the clock even during power outages

Is It Time for a Water Softener Repair or Replacement? 7 Signs of Water Softener Problems

The average water softener system can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. As these systems age, parts can start to fail, and more repairs may be needed. Knowing the signs of a failing water softener is essential to prolonging the life of your system—and to understanding when it’s time for a replacement so that water softener problems don’t start causing more major plumbing issues.

Some of the most common signs of water softener problems include:

  1. Crusty buildup around faucets and other plumbing fixtures
  2. Floating particles in water
  3. Tap water that tastes salty or suddenly different
  4. Water spots on dishes
  5. Freshly laundered clothing that’s stiff and scratchy
  6. Little to no lather from soap
  7. Itchy, dry, or sticky skin after showering or bathing

If you notice any of these warning signs of a failing water softener, or if your system is at least 10 years or has stopped working altogether, it’s time to contact All Comfort Services. We can quickly diagnose and fix the problem so you and your home’s plumbing system can remain free of hard water problems!

Contact All Comfort Services for the Best Water Softener Systems & Service in & Around Madison & The Greater Madison Area, WI

All Comfort Services has been a leading provider of all types of plumbing systems and services in and around The Greater Madison Area for more than 50 years. Our fully licensed, bonded, and certified technicians do it all, providing the best water softeners and plumbing services in a friendly and efficient manner.

Looking for superior water softener systems and service in Madison & The Greater Madison Area, WI?

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At All Comfort Services, we believe that nothing feels better than making our customers feel great! That’s why we always go above and beyond to provide exceptional service, and that’s how we’ve become the top choice for water softener systems and service throughout The Greater Madison Area!

Whether you need routine water softener maintenance, major plumbing system repairs, or any type of emergency plumbing service, just contact the expert plumbers at All Comfort Services! We’re ready to help you and get the job done right the first time so you can get back to enjoying the comfort of your home!

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