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Why It’s Essential to Turn On Your AC Today

Written by Kendall Richards | April 29, 2020

Why It’s Essential to Turn On Your AC TodayEven though it’s not summer yet here in the Madison area, it’s actually a great time to turn on your AC. The main advantage of powering up your air conditioning system early, in springtime, is that doing so allows you to check how it functions. We recommend to turn it on for about 15 minutes to make sure you have a steady stream of cool are coming through your registers. Then give us a call to schedule a tune-up appointment. If you have questions about air purification and removing viruses and bacteria on the air our HVAC technician will be happy to answer any questions about upgrading to new filters or germicidal units. See our COVID-19 safety protocol here.

Why not take this opportunity to make sure you’re truly ready for the hot, muggy summer weather to come? After all, starting your summer off with a broken or rundown AC can leave you uncomfortable—and it’s completely avoidable!

What If You Don’t Give Your AC a Test Run Now?

Let’s say you wait until the summer heat hits Madison to turn your air conditioner on and you suddenly discover that it isn’t working properly. At that time, it may take longer to get assistance from local AC repair teams (early summertime in Madison is a busy season for HVAC contractors, with many locals calling for emergency AC repair service just as the temperatures start to soar).

Get Your Home Ready for Summer Comfort Now

With this reminder, we hope to help you stay ahead of the game. Now, before the hot weather hits, the AC experts at All Comfort Services are available to troubleshoot any issues your home’s cooling system may have.

Plus, before summer starts, we have some lead-time to order parts for your AC system, if needed. We can also perform essential AC maintenance service. That can give you peace of mind that your cooling system is ready to get to work as soon as the summer weather arrives!

4 Steps to Take Before Turning on your AC for the First Time this Season

  1. Clear the air vents in your house. Move throw rugs, drapes, or furniture that may be blocking the vents.
  2. Clear the area around the outside condenser unit. Remove any leaves, branches, garden supplies, or lawn debris, all of which can interfere with AC performance, clearing everything within two feet of the unit.
  3. Change your air filter. A clogged filter blocks airflow from your cooling equipment.
  4. Be sure the power is on. Also, make sure the HVAC system is set to cool.

Advantages of Testing Your AC in Spring

If your AC operates just fine on your test run, you may simply need to change the filter to ready your air conditioning system to fight the summer heat. If you haven’t had a maintenance visit recently or if you notice the system isn’t running optimally, give us a call and schedule an inspection, repair, or maintenance visit now.

Our springtime AC maintenance and repair services help to:

  • Minimize your energy bills this summer. A tuned-up AC system will operate efficiently, using no more energy than it needs to meet your cooling needs. Ideally, it’s best to get AC maintenance at least once a year in the springtime.
  • Locate any worn parts or potential problems. A professional inspection and maintenance service allows us to make small repairs before they become major issues. This ensures system reliability, minimizing the chances that anything from a loose electrical connection to a dirty coil will prevent your system from working as it should.
  • Check airflow and ductwork. Over time, many homeowners notice that certain rooms of the house never seem to get cold. This could mean a leaky duct system or a problem with the zoning system. Checking airflow and ductwork can help identify the causes of hot spots in your home so these issues can be properly addressed.
  • Make sure you’re using the right filter. Different systems require different types and sizes of air filters. We can recommend the proper filter for your AC system and needs. We can also install it and show you how to do this in the future (so you can take care of this important step between our annual tune-up services).
  • Ensure your system reliably meets your cooling needs. Regular AC maintenance keeps your cooling equipment clean and properly lubricated, reducing wear and tear on the components.

Are you ready for summer? Contact All Comfort Services online or call 608-838-7300 for friendly, expert AC maintenance and service in the Madison, WI, area.

We are proud to always offer accurate, upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we come highly recommended by past customers!

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