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Air Conditioning in Madison, WI

Need a new central air conditioner installed? Keep in mind that your home’s central air conditioner is highly integrated with your heating equipment; it shares ductwork, blower motors, electronic digital controls, and more with your furnace.

This is why having your central air conditioning equipment assessed and priced over the telephone is not usually a good idea. During such a phone call, the information gathered is usually very basic and inadequate to ensure you realize maximum value and performance from your investment.

The better option is to contact All Comfort Services! We will schedule a free in-home consultation to comprehensively assess your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Based on extensive experience and product knowledge, we can advise you on whether it’s best to keep or replace your existing equipment so that it matches and supports your new cooling system.

Let’s talk about your air conditioning needs! Call 608-838-7300 or contact us online now for expert advice and exceptional cooling services in and around the Madison, WI, area.

At All Comfort Services, we are proud to provide a complete range of AC services for all types of systems, including ductless AC systems. Our air conditioner services include:

How to Choose a New Air Conditioning System

All Comfort Services Technician with TabletTo really get the most value and comfort from your AC equipment, there are many site-specific factors to consider. That’s why the team of experts at All Comfort Services takes the time to visit your home, get a feel for your space, and discuss your needs. Some of the specific things we’ll evaluate and take into consideration include:

  • The direction your home faces and how much natural light it takes in
  • The size of your home
  • The number of windows your home has
  • Which areas of your home are used more and less often
  • Any specific needs, concerns, or requirements you may have

Please be aware that bigger air conditioners are not necessarily the better choice. One that is too large will short cycle. This means your oversized air conditioner will:

  • Cool the air too rapidly, causing a short run time.
  • Run excessively, switching on and off at an annoying frequency
  • Cause some parts of your home to be freezing while others remain stubbornly hot and humid
  • Cost you more over time in higher energy bills while failing to perfectly meet your comfort needs

Need some expert advice on the best new AC system for your Madison, WI home?

Call 608-838-7300 or contact us online for expert help now!

If you’re looking for commercial air conditioning services in or around Madison, WI, instead, we do that too!

Why Choose All Comfort Services for AC Service in Madison, WI?

Your whole-house air conditioner is integrated with many other heating and ventilation components throughout your home. Its installation, maintenance, and repair demand expertise across all types of equipment systems, including your:

  • Plumbing system
  • Electrical system
  • Ductwork
  • Thermostats
  • And more

So, the person you trust with your Madison central air conditioning installation should have knowledge across a spectrum of skills and technologies. You can find experts with the skills and experience to handle any of your AC service needs at All Comfort Services. Our team has the expertise you can rely on for an efficient and proper installation.

Plus, our HVAC experts are backed by:

  • More than 50 years of experience
  • An upfront pricing guarantee so you know exactly how much our service will cost before we start any job
  • Licensed plumbers and electricians who are readily available whenever your service or needs may require them
  • Fully stocked trucks so we’re equipped and prepared to handle nearly any air conditioner service need

These are just some of the reasons why All Comfort Services is a leading choice for air conditioner repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance services in and around Madison, WI!

Check our glowing reviews to see why our customers love us—or contact us for AC service today to find out for yourself!

Custom Ductwork for Air Conditioning Systems in Madison, WI

Unlike virtually all other Madison-area HVAC contractors, we have complete ductwork fabrication capabilities. This includes the resources and equipment to easily and quickly build custom ductwork on-site at your home, as needed. And with our heating and air quality specialists, All Comfort Services is the go-to source for all types of home comfort needs in and around The Greater Madison Area, WI.

The bottom line is that we can take care of all of your cooling system’s needs quickly and efficiently, giving you peace of mind that your AC works well and lasts as long as possible!

Get Same-Day Service for Any Cooling System Needs

Are you stressing over an AC emergency? Do you need immediate or same-day air conditioner repair service? If so, All Comfort Services has you covered! We’re proud to be here, ready to help Madison homeowners whenever they experience an AC emergency. We have the resources to respond promptly, even outside of standard business owners, so that you never have to wait days to restore your home’s comfort systems.

Plus, we’ll work around your schedule! Need us to come before or after work? No problem! Need weekend service? You got it!

To schedule same-day or emergency AC repair service, call 608-838-7300 now.

You can also contact us online to schedule a convenient appointment.

Want to Keep Your AC in Peak Condition Year After Year? Join Our Comfort Club!

Our Comfort Club makes it easier and more affordable than ever to keep your AC well maintained season after season. By joining our Comfort Club and getting annual air conditioner maintenance, you can be confident that minor problems are being fixed before they cause a future emergency breakdown. That can save you a lot of time, money, and aggravation while prolonging the life of your system!

Learn more about our money-saving Comfort Club program!

Air Conditioning FAQs

When should I consider installing a new air conditioner?

Air conditioners last about 10 to 15 years. After 10 years, they start to lose efficiency which can cause problems resulting in costly repairs.

Should I replace or repair my air conditioner?

The answer depends on the age of your unit and the cost of the repair. If an air conditioner that is 10 years old or older needs major repair, consider replacement instead. Similarly, if the repair is half or more of the cost of a new system, a replacement will likely better serve you.

Who should I call for air conditioning services?

When you need help with your home’s air conditioner, you want the services of an HVAC technician. NATE-certified HVAC technicians are properly trained and certified to address and repair air conditioning problems and replace the units, all while protecting your home.

Why is my air conditioner frozen?

Ice on the outdoor unit of an air conditioner is a common problem that occurs when the unit runs low on refrigerant or when it has a clogged air filter and air can’t flow through it properly. If your unit is freezing, replace the air filter. If this does not solve the problem, call us to address it.

What is a ductless air conditioner?

A ductless air conditioner is an air conditioner that installs through a small hole in the wall of your home. It does not require ductwork, but it can cool a home that has no ductwork. It can also cool an area of the home with no ducts, such as a porch or addition.

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