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Pros & Cons of Power Vent Water Heaters

Having access to hot water is essential for many of our day-to-day activities. From showering to washing dishes, we rely on hot water to keep ourselves, our homes, and our clothing clean. There are many different types of water heaters available, and understanding the pros and cons of each can help you make the best decision for your unique needs.

All Comfort Services’ team of expert plumbers provides the professional water heater services you need to ensure your systems are in proper working condition. From repair and replacement to installation and maintenance, there’s no job too complex for our team to handle.

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What is a Power Vent Water Heater?

Power vent water heaters have quickly become the standard for newly constructed homes, equipped with built-in fans that push the exhaust gas out of the vent through a powered fan. Because of their unique construction, power vent water heaters are virtually impossible to backdraft. That means the risk for carbon monoxide problems caused by your water heater is significantly lower with a power vent water heater in place.

Venting systems are necessary to prevent flue gases from accumulating in your water heater. These gases largely consist of water vapor and carbon dioxide. The vapor becomes acidic and needs to be released in order to relieve combustion pressure and prevent the water heater from exploding. Power vent systems are an excellent option for protecting the integrity of your water heater unit.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Power Vent Water Heaters

Like all water heater systems, there are pros and cons that exist for power vent water heaters that can help you determine if such a system is right for your home. Consider the following before making the switch to a power vent water heater:

  • Backdraft: As mentioned above, power vent water heaters are virtually impossible to backdraft, protecting your home from potential carbon monoxide poisoning from your water heater.
  • Efficiency: Power vent water heaters are notoriously energy-efficient, using less fuel than other available venting systems.
  • Flexibility: Rather than using a vent that runs through the middle of your home, power vent manufacturers allow for longer runs on the vent, allowing you to place the unit virtually anywhere in your home that’s most convenient.
  • Performance: Power vent water heaters can provide hot water faster than alternative options.
  • Noise: These systems are noisy right out of the box and do not get better as time goes on, presenting potential problems for homeowners.
  • Electricity: Power vent water heaters are required to be plugged into an outlet, which can cause the need for electrical outlet installation, driving up the cost of initial installation.
  • Cost: Power vent systems run about 75% more expensive than other venting systems, on average.
  • Warranty: These units feature a much shorter warranty period, with most featuring a warranty of just six years compared to other units.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not a power vent water heater is right for your home, contact a local professional to get the expert guidance you need!

All Comfort Services for Power Vent Water Heater Repair or Installation

At All Comfort Services, our team is happy to assist you with all your water heater service needs. Our team will provide an expert recommendation for your ideal venting system solution, delivering the highest quality water heater service for your home.

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