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Generator Installation & Repair in Madison, WI

You depend on electricity to power your devices, home appliances, and vital systems, such as your air conditioner or heating system. When outages occur, you need a reliable energy source to keep you comfortable.

With a generator from All Comfort Services, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe from power outages. Our experts can install or repair your generator, ensuring your home has reliable backup power when you need it.

Call All Comfort Services at (608) 838-7300 today to schedule generator services in Madison, WI. 

Signs You Need a Generator

Do you need help determining if a generator is right for your home? It might be worth considering if any of these signs are familiar:

  • You regularly lose power during intense weather.
  • You rely on medical equipment or other technology that can’t be interrupted.
  • You feel unsafe in the dark when the power goes out due to trip hazards.
  • You worry about food going to waste and spoiling during outages.
  • You want to maintain basic comforts like heating, cooling, or entertainment during outages.

Our Generator Services

At All Comfort Services, we provide everything you need to keep your home well-supplied with power no matter what’s going on outside.

In no time, you could have an All Comfort Services electrician at your home assessing your situation for generator installation, looking at your system and performing routine generator maintenance, or resolving issues before they get any worse with thorough generator repairs. 

We can also help with the secondary services that might go with generator installation, such as getting your electrical panel up to standard for easy use of standby power or adding switches for easy manual control of your system. 

Schedule generator services in Madison, WI, by calling (608) 838-7300 today.

Why Choose Us?

All Comfort Services helps Madison residents with any generator services they might need, backed by a commitment to quality work, value for our customers, 100% customer satisfaction, and nurturing of long-term relationships.

We make a pleasant customer experience as much a priority as excellent work because we want you to feel at ease contacting our team for all your service needs.

Call (608) 838-7300 to request generator services for your Madison, WI, home. 


Why install a whole-home generator instead of using a portable generator?

In most cases, an installed system will be quieter, easier to use, and easier to keep fueled than a portable generator. 

Can a generator power my entire home?

It depends on the generator and its setup; you could have a few vital systems on backed-up circuits or ensure your entire home has full access to backup power during an outage.

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