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What Can I Do About Indoor Air Quality?

Written by Larry Davies | March 23, 2021

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, few of us would have said we did not feel safe in our own homes. But with the rampant spread of the virus, our castles started to feel like the “dragons, moats, and warring armies” kind, rather than the sanctuaries we usually  take for granted.

The fact is though, even before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the perils of indoor air quality into the spotlight, we all had good reason to be concerned. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, and can have disastrous health effects on a population that spends 90% of its time indoors.

Common Indoor Air Quality Hazards During Spring

As spring approaches and snow turns into rain, common culprits contributing to poor indoor air quality for the season include mold, pollen, dust mites, pesticides, and poorly maintained heating and cooling systems adjusting to a new set of demands.

Signs You Might Have an Indoor Air Quality Problem

Here are a few questions you and your family can ask to determine whether you’re dealing with an indoor air quality problem:

  • Does it always seem stuffy in the house?
  • Is the air too dry or too humid?
  • Do you find you can’t seem to get a good breath?
  • Do you wake up fatigued?
  • Is your throat and nose itchy?
  • Are you and your family frequently under the weather?
  • Have you noticed an uptick in your allergies or asthma symptoms?
  • Are you sneezing/coughing more than usual?
  • Is your area known for certain outdoor pollutants, such as radon or DDT?

While all these things don’t necessarily track back to poor indoor air quality, you don’t want to rule it out until you know for sure.

How to Assess Your Indoor Air Quality

There are a number of ways homeowners can get to the bottom of the air quality in their homes, including:

What Can You Do to Improve Indoor Air Quality?

A lot, as it turns out. Improving the ventilation in your home, identifying and removing risk factors such as sources of excess dust, and conducting annual preventative maintenance on your HVAC system are just some of the basic ways.

But what if we told you that modern technology has the power to eliminate indoor air contaminants with little to no effort required from you?

Because that’s the power of a whole-home air purifier. Air purifiers turn your home into a sanctuary again by eradicating 98% of contaminants floating around in your air. Imagine how much easier you’d breathe, both literally and figuratively?

All Comfort Services is here to help you make this a reality. We have over 49 years’ experience purifying the air in Wisconsin homes, and will guide you as you explore your options.

Don’t spend one more second choking on stuffy air and the fear that comes with it. Learn more about our air purification services.

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