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Commercial Electrical Services

Get Same-Day Service for Your Commercial Electrical Repair & Maintenance Needs

Whether your project is large or small, our commercial electrical services assure the expert installation, maintenance, and repair of your commercial, retail, and industrial electrical equipment.

Looking for commercial electricians or industrial electrical contractors in Madison, WI? Contact All Comfort Services online or call 608-838-7300 for friendly, first-class service and top-notch solutions!

Commercial Electrical Services for Madison, WI Businesses

At All Comfort Services, our experts provide the full range of commercial electrical services. Fully licensed, trained, and insured, our commercial electricians are ready and fully equipped to handle any project or needs, including:

  • Cubicle hook-ups
  • Electrical repairs
  • Signage installation or replacement
  • Copier power needs
  • Lighting and lamp installations and disconnections
  • Installation of Ethernet cables for point-of-sale (POS) systems
  • Tenant improvements
  • Thermographic imaging
  • Electrical troubleshooting
  • Ballast replacements
  • Dedicated circuits
  • Security and emergency lighting
  • Retail build-outs
  • Non-destructive testing
  • More

We also offer 365 day flexible scheduling so you can conduct business and remain open while your commercial electrical services are being completed.

Because we maintain the resources to provide emergency commercial electrical services, All Comfort Services is the team to call whenever you have electrical problems outside of standard business hours. Unlike many electrical maintenance and repair companies, we have the personnel and resources to be extremely flexible in setting up appointments around your business schedule. That can offer invaluable convenience when you need fast, reliable electrical services and solutions that can minimize the disruptions to your business.

Call 608-838-7300 or contact All Comfort Services online to schedule any type of commercial electrical service in or around Madison, WI.

General Commercial Electrical Maintenance & Repair in Madison, WI

Commercial electrical maintenance and repair work is not something you should leave to residential electricians or your in-house maintenance staff. Instead, you should contact commercial electrical contractors who are highly familiar with the applicable national, state, and local electrical codes. These codes are necessarily more stringent than those for residential installations—especially if volatile liquids are nearby.

If these codes are violated, your business can be closed down during your next building inspection, and it can remain closed until you the equipment has been properly installed, repaired, or maintained. That can be as costly as it is time-consuming.

Also, many commercial installations use 3-phase wiring, which differs significantly from the 120/240VAC split-phase wiring that residential electricians are accustomed to using. Three-phase wiring allows higher amperage to be delivered more efficiently to your building. It also allows for different voltages, as your equipment might require:

  • 120VAC, 230VAC, 240VAC, 277VAC, and 347VAC in “wye” configurations
  • 208VAC, 240VAC, 400VAC, 415VAC, 480VAC, and 600VAC in “delta” configurations

Don’t know the difference between a “wye” and a “delta” configuration? Not sure which one you have or what voltages you need?

Contact us online or call 608-838-7300 for a no-cost, no-obligation commercial electrical service consultation and estimate. 

Phone & Network Cabling Installation & Maintenance in Madison, WI

Installing phone and network cabling for your communication and computer networks isn’t like stringing doorbell wire. A common misperception is that phone and network cabling can be installed by anyone in any way because their low-voltage cables don’t carry 120 or 220VAC voltages. That’s simply not true.

For example, you cannot make radical turns with coaxial phone and network cabling. Doing so will kink the conductors and significantly degrade the performance of your phone & network cabling. How?

The simplest coaxial cabling consists of three elements:

  1. A center core
  2. A diametric insulator
  3. A metallic sheath arranged around a common axis (thus the name “coaxial”).

The distances among these three elements are precision engineered. Radical turns and kinks upset the distances and seriously degrade current flow.

Here’s another factor to consider. The 120 or 220VAC mains wiring in your commercial space radiate eddy currents that will interfere with your phone and network cabling if one is run too close and parallel to the other.

Does all of this sound overwhelming? Don’t worry—we’re here to help!

Contact All Comfort Services online or call 608-838-7300 for a free, zero-obligation consultation and estimate. 

Exterior Lighting for Parking Lots & Commercial Outdoor Spaces in Madison, WI

Commercial exterior lighting services involve more than simply replacing damaged lamps, ballasts, transformers, or controls. Well-designed, precisely installed, and properly maintained exterior lighting is essential for the safety and comfort of your customers and employees.

This is especially true for retail spaces, where warm, friendly lighting sets the tone for the customer experience before anyone even walks through your door. In manufacturing plants, warehouses, and similar commercial venues, well-lit parking lots and exterior spaces enhance the overall safety and security of these facilities.

The commercial electricians at All Comfort Services offer exterior lighting installation, maintenance, and repair services. This covers:

  • Fluorescent lighting
  • LED signage
  • Lighting upgrades
  • And more

Call 608-838-7300 or contact All Comfort Services online for any commercial electrical services in Madison, WI. We are proud to always offer accurate, upfront pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

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