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Electrical Panel Services in Madison, WI

At All Comfort Services, our certified, licensed, and fully insured electricians provide a full range of electrical services. We can install, repair, replace, and maintain vital electrical systems that facilitate modern comfort and convenience.

Whether you have a newer home or an older structure, we have the skills, expertise, and training to ensure superior quality and reliability.

Contact All Comfort Services to schedule electrical panel services in Madison.

Understanding Your Electrical Systems

Your electrical service panel or load center connects external wires to your home’s electrical system. If you have a newer home, you most likely have a load center with breakers. Older homes with aging electrical systems will benefit from installing a new breaker panel and removing a fuse box, fuse panel, or outdated breaker panel.

Connected to this are the utility wires and branch circuits that split off and service the various rooms in your home. Homeowners in Wisconsin are responsible for all issues related to the electric service panel.

Addressing Common Hazards

Modern homes may seem safe, but problems can lurk undetected behind the walls. Our certified electricians can address issues posed by Stab-Lok or Zinsco electrical panels, aluminum wiring, and more.

These services include replacing outdated electrical panels manufactured by Federal Pacific, Splitbus, Zinsco, Frank Adams, Hughes, Wadsworth, Challenger, Pushmatic, and Sylvania.

Our electricians will thoroughly inspect the electrical panels, fuse boxes, wiring, and other elements to determine the safety and reliability of each component. We adhere to strict safety standards and can help you determine the appropriate course of action when potential hazards appear.

Contact All Comfort Services to speak with our team about common electrical hazards and schedule inspection, repair, and replacement services in Madison.

Causes of Tripped Circuit Breakers

Frequent tripping can indicate a problem with your electrical system or your appliances. Common causes of circuit breaker trips include:

  • Overloaded circuits
  • Short circuit
  • Old or damaged appliances
  • Ground fault
  • Old or malfunctioning breaker

Once our electricians identify the issue, they’ll perform the appropriate service, which may include:

  • Breakers and fuse replacement
  • Electrical panel installation
  • Electrical panel relocation
  • Outdated electrical panel replacement
  • Electrical panel repair
  • Electrical panel upgrade

Contact All Comfort Services to schedule a comprehensive inspection of your electrical system.

We service all brands and are available to provide emergency repair services.

Outlet Electrical Panel Replacement Services

Replacing your electrical panel is advisable if it’s undersized for your needs, operating at maximum capacity, or fails to meet modern safety standards. It typically takes eight to 10 hours to completely replace your outdated or damaged electrical panel.

We proudly offer systems featuring Square D products and can help you determine the optimal system for your convenience and comfort.

Contact All Comfort Services to schedule electrical panel replacement services in Madison.

Why Choose Us?

At All Comfort Services, the safety and reliability of your electrical systems are our top concerns. For nearly 50 years, we have proudly served our community. Our certified, licensed, and insured electricians always provide free estimates and upfront, honest pricing.

We guarantee your satisfaction and the reliability of our installation, repair, and maintenance services. Most importantly, we’re available to provide the fast and effective services you depend on to keep your electrical systems in prime condition.

Contact All Comfort Services for more information about our company and to schedule effective electrical system services in your Madison area home.

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