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What Our Customers Say

I was very pleased indeed with the technician, Matt Collins, who you sent yesterday to check on our furnace. He did a thorough job of inspection and servicing and explained it all well. He also spent time listening to our concerns about whether or not heating and cooling is being delivered adequately through our ductwork. He evaluated the temperature maintained in our living room, making sound assessments on what we might consider doing in order to make decisions about any possible modifications. Matt was also very pleasant as he worked, but most of all, he was thorough and demonstrated a high level of professionalism. Thank you, Matt, and All Comfort Services!

- John

Just a note. When I called you to make the technician service appointment, I was impressed with the way you handled my request very well and professionally. If I have any electrical issues in the future that are beyond my capability, I will certainly check in your service. Thanks again and have a great day.

- Jim Y.

Mike did a fine job.

- Douglas Z.

Just wanted to thank David Hess for helping us sort out the issue with our furnace that had been bothering us for a year. It’s been working great for the past few weeks and we are happy, comfortable and warm. Thanks!

- Elliot

Pat Ace was very proficient at what he does …. plumbing. He also is very respectful of client questions and answers the questions fully and at a level the client will understand. Thank you, Pat, for your patience and skill at plumbing.

- Jim

Dexter was AMAZING. Prompt, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly yet very professional. Hope all your techs are as good as he is!

- Stacey B.

David was the most thorough and honest and finest technician I’ve ever had who came to my house for a furnace check up and inspection getting set for the heating season. I shall immediately spread the word to all neighbors far and wide. Oh, can I have David back in the spring for an air conditioner check?

- Robert

Scot did such an amazing job with this last repair after the unit was having some issues. Scot should get a raise.

- Charles S.

Great technician (even for a bears fan). Very pleased.

- Ross

Everything went fine. Zack was very professional. Answered my questions to my satisfaction.

- Marge & Charles

Both techs were very nice and professional.

- Catherine Z.

On time, courteous, friendly and competent. Perfect!

- Lawrence & Chris

Maurice was AWESOME & suggestion to swap out filters was greatly appreciated with furnace.

- Jason

The work we had done was great. Very nice plumber installed and answered all my questions.

- Lynn & Larry

Zach did a fine job servicing our Lennox furnace today. He seemed knowledgeable and was thorough. And he explained his work and results well. Thank you!

- Bredan W.

Colin was pleasant and very efficient! Thank you so much.

- Julie L.

I was very pleased with the service from David. He was extremely helpful, explained everything in layman’s terms, was presentable, and was very nice!

- Delfa D.

Dave did a VERY nice job – thanks again.

- Mark N.

David Hess just left my home after doing a very thorough and detailed check on my furnace and air conditioning system. This is the first time someone has adjusted levels of efficiency so my systems work well. He also took time to explain what he did. I had a very good feeling of his integrity and knowledge and will request that he come again next year. Thank you for sending him.

- Cathy K.

We recently had Collin out to do some work. He’s a nice guy and did great plumbing work.

- Bob N.

I love All Comfort Services because we always do what we say we’re going to, and we arrive on time for appointments.

- Susan

Thank you for your kind telephone call and for scheduling Mr. Hoeth to come to our home and assist us with our plumbing needs.

- Mike & Dianne

I have to give those guys really credit, boy. They just did a magnificent job, and they were very friendly and explained everything that was going on and what was needed necessary and we felt very, very confident that everything is on it with exceptional care. (Review for electrical team members Andrew and Zack)


- Jon W

Your technician Jesse just repaired my air conditioner. He was great. Pleasant, and shared everything he was doing & why to make the repair. Hope I get him next time I need you guys.

- Paula D.

We were very impressed with Zach and would like to see him more in the future as our need for Service may require. He has a great personality, is customer focused, and represents your fine Company in an exemplary manner.

- Don W.

Thank you for sending you out Collin today. He worked very, very quickly & professionally, he told me what he was doing and he is a very good plumber AND person.

- Mike M

Dexter is amazing! My sump pump broke, and he knew right away what the best fix would be. He was efficient, friendly, and professional. He answered all my questions, and even my dogs loved him! If I need anything again, I’ll definitely be calling All Comfort Services!

- Pete G.

The team did an amazing job today Jay! Please pass along my thanks to them and their management. It’s crews like this that continue to convince me to use AllComfort for everything! Thanks so much for your guidance and flexibility during this process!

- Jared F.

Matt and Brandon were wonderful, they were polite and professional, and she was so happy they wore their masks and their booties. Just wanted to pass that along!

- Karen H.

Maurice did a really good job, he’s a great guy.

- Stuart C.

Awesome experience from Zach! You have a winner there!

- Lydia Z.

Rich had great ideas and just blew my mind and I hope that he is here for a long time for future projects!

- Brian

Joel performed excellent service, very professional, answered all my questions, big plus for the company.

- Charles B.

The replacement of the toilet seat is perfect. Love the
work Rich did.

- Joanna B.

Zach was out yesterday to do the annual maintenance and I just wanted to share how great he was. He was knowledgeable and “SO personable” while being efficient. I just really enjoyed the experience.

- Linda M.

Jesse, thank you for the great service!

- Lowell

Zachary was wonderful in all areas and he did a great job!

- Delpha

My husband and I wanted to tell Maurice what a great job he did on the maintenance of our furnace on Wednesday.  He’s great and did a fine job. Thank you

- Diane and Geoff

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service on reconditioning my furnace. Your serviceman was excellent in reviewing items that could cause problems in the future, providing an estimate of today’s cost to repair, and absolutely no pressure to do it now. Have relied on All Comfort in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you.

- Terry M.

Rich was sensational and did a great job!

- Jeff N.

John did a good job and was very personable. I had a problem the last three times, and John R. fixed it for me. I would like to have him back for my furnace maintenance!

- Francine S

Jesse R. and Zach B did a great job yesterday. They were on time, very attentive, and did a great job!

- David

Jesse R was very nice and professional and you did a great job and I have nothing but good things to say about the service. Job well done.

- Judy L.

He was on time and very friendly. I was very pleased, and I would recommend John to anyone. I’ve never had a bad the from All Comfort.

- John K.

I hope you pay this gentleman well. Dexter fixed the issue and I am now happy. Hire more people like Dexter! Great job 👍

- Michael G.

I commend your entire organization for its total commitment to exceptional customer service. Vern was awesome and the follow-up at all levels is what truly separates you from your competitors.

- Mark I.

I was very pleased with John S. He was professional and explained everything thoroughly.

- Mary Lou N.

Make sure Dexter get’s extra kudos for the great job he did! He was wonderful and knowledgeable and turned a terrible situation much better and I am so happy!

- Elizabeth

I want you to know my wife and our princess, Gracie, and I are very grateful that Matt, Vern, Kendall, and the entire All Comfort Services’ team for helping us during the outage we experienced to get everything working again, especially now that it’s in the 90s. Vern was persistent and didn’t give up. He worked through multiple troubleshooting ideas until he identified the problem and fixed it.

- Andy M.

Maurice and Dexter were great! 5-Stars.

- Bret W.

Dexter did SUCH a great job yesterday. We should clone him because of his outstanding work. I was so impressed with how fast and how well he worked, and I cannot wait to tell my neighbors all about his service.


- Tomas T.

I have been a customer since 2006. Their technicians really are excellent. Not only skilled but customer-friendly. Their office staff are also eager to help. It’s a good organization.

- Rich

All Comfort has been our service provider for many years installing our 2nd boiler about 11 years ago and servicing our old boiler long before that. Our experience has always been with prompt service and the finest of people, so appreciated.

- Loretta C.

Thank you, we are very happy with the results.

- Dorothy & Richard M.

The heating technician that came to my home to tune-up my furnace was very nice.

- Karen P.

Everything went well. He was right on time and explained what he had done. Great job as usual.

- Joe. H.

I’m appreciative of the customer service I received from Tim and the furnace work performed by Luke. The furnace is very old and has some discontinued parts. Tim worked with Luke and Steve to find the best option for repairs in the interim until we can replace the unit. I feel like they went the extra mile and very impressed with the quality of work and the level of service. All Comfort is the best!

- Lex L.

This morning Jesse R. did the preventive maintenance on my heating and cooling units. His work and his professional attitude were outstanding.

- Jim S.

Matt was very good about safety protocols and really helped to make us feel safe.

- Ray B.

Dexter was at my home yesterday for plumbing work and Maurice was out today for work on my furnace. They were both very professional, and COVID safe and did a good job cleaning up afterward as well. I definitely plan on using your services again.

- Stephanie H.

Faith was out here today for an air conditioner tune-up. Faith smelled a gas leak upstairs and alerted me. Thank you Faith for your good customer service and your nose.

- Ann B.

Faith provided great service. Nice to work with and very professional.

- J&M S.

Luke deserves a raise! He was great and his service was great!

- Gary G.

Maurice did a great job. We are very lucky to have him on our team! He took the time to explain everything to me in a way I could understand.

- Barbara A.

Maurice did a great job. You are very lucky to have him on our team! He took the time to explain everything to me and in a way that I could understand.

- Barbara A.

The 30+-year-old furnace in my Madison home stopped working late in the afternoon on Tuesday, February 18. Overnight temperatures were forecast to be among the coldest of the winter season so far, with another couple of days of very cold weather to follow. I tried to get the furnace to work for a couple of hours but by 8:00 PM I decided I should call someone to come over and find the problem and fix it. I wasn’t sure who to call. The folks who had put the furnace in the house, before I had purchased the place, weren’t in business anymore. I did a search on my computer…and found that All comfort Services offered emergency service at any time. I called them. Eric, their emergency guy…who called ahead to let us know he was on his way…arrived at my house about 35 minutes later. He brought along a couple of space heaters for us to use. Eric and I went to the basement so he could see the furnace and try to figure out what was causing the problem. “The Problem” as it turned out was that the furnace was over 30 years old and had simply “kicked the bucket.” Eric carefully and thoroughly explained that there really was nothing anyone could do to get it back in operation. A new furnace would be needed. He called Kevin Hansen, HVAC Systems Consultant At All Comfort, and I talked with Kevin. With the various space heaters all working, we set a time to meet here at the house the next day…to discuss how to proceed with getting a new furnace.

The next day, Kevin was right on time. He called about 15 minutes before his arrival. We looked over the old furnace and discussed what it would take to get a new one. He took some measurements and said he’d have a quote ready late in the afternoon, which he did. He arranged for Mike (can’t recall his last name) to come over on Thursday to complete some measurements and have a good look at the basement area where the furnace would be set up.
The next morning, Friday, Mike and Adam called at 7:00 AM to let me know they were on their way to the house with the new furnace. I really like this “calling ahead” idea from All Comfort, by the way. Anyway, Mike and Adam got right to work…out went the old furnace, in pieces. They were hauled away mid-morning by All Comfort.

The new furnace was installed by around 12:30 PM. Mike and Adam made sure I understood how the new furnace worked and how the new thermostat functioned. They were very thorough and friendly. Like Eric and Kevin before them, they answered my questions carefully. They completely cleaned up after the work was done.
My new furnace works just great. All Comfort’s price was reasonable and fair. I didn’t have time to shop around when the problem began on Tuesday evening. I even got a nice discount using an All Comfort coupon from the Bucky Book.

I couldn’t be more impressed/happier with the way All Comfort handled this “situation.” From my first phone call for emergency help on Tuesday night until early Friday afternoon when the new furnace was installed and working just fine, All Comfort did everything just right. Answered questions. Made excellent suggestions and followed through on everything.

- Steve R.

I’m very impressed with Vern’s work on my furnace. He did an excellent job. Thank you, Vern, for providing excellent service.

- Steven F.

Pat and Austin replaced my toilet and did a great job!

- Steve

Matt vas very nice and was a pleasure to work with. I will request Matt Collins in the future because he does such a great job.

- Katheen S.

Rich should get 5 stars across the board – knowledgeable, courteous, pleasant to work with, and high quality work.

- Gary G.

Thank you, Faith, for your service, courteous, attentive, respectful and knowledgeable!
6 stars out of 5!

- Dominique

I would like to thank the All Comfort team for your assistance over the years.

In particular I would like to mention that Vern has been patient and persistent in trying to help me figure out what is going on with my furnace and/or thermostat. He is a very diligent worker and I appreciate his ability to teach me about the intricacies of the thermostat.

I hope you consider him an invaluable employee. His knowledge and diligence is greatly appreciated.

- A. G.

Rich the plumber did an excellent job and really helped me out. He worked outside in the cold. What was really great is that he was scheduled to come tomorrow and came this afternoon! I just love you guys.

- Randy

Incredibly professional organization providing fantastic service. Thank you All Comfort and thank you Luke!!

- Joe

Luke was extremely courteous and he and All Comfort Services provided excellent and prompt service.

- Sandi

Faith did very very good work, she was on time and got to work straight away.  I am very satisfied.

- Don R.

Dear Friends, Thank you for the excellent service you provide. We appreciate the hard work of a team serving us. Jesse did the routine check this week – such a treat to have someone thoroughly care for us – the customer.

- Russell and Jackie S.

Great customer service today! Luke quickly problem solved the situation and offered several solutions. Thank you so much for the expedient response.

- Kristin M.

Maurice and Rich did a wonderful job! I always look forward to All Comfort Services coming out because all of the techs are always so friendly and knowledgable.

- Barbara A.

I just had Adam and Justin install my furnace. I saw my neighbor using your services and heard good things. I was impressed with the excellent service. I’m very happy the installers put coverings down on the floor and steps and did a good job cleaning. The installers were very happy to do their job and explained everything well. I give you an A+ rating. Thank you for your good work Adam and Justin!

- Jamie

Maurice did a fantastic job. I highly recommend him.

- Bud

Eric was excellent. He is professional, courteous, and friendly. Eric explained everything to me. He made a suggestion as to removing the fence which butts up to the air conditioner. Eric explained in detail the reason for his suggestion. I would recommend Eric and All Comfort Services and will vote for you Best of Madison 2020. You are A+.

- Rosalynn

Eric was friendly and I felt comfortable to be around him. All Comfort Services, knows how to treat and Grandma, and I appreciate all of your techs, especially Eric.

Pauline G.

- Pauline G.

Jesse S. was extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and explained things well to me. He was very friendly, did a terrific job, and the work was done in an hour. I highly recommend him.


- J.S.

Five stars for Faith! Faith did a great job. Great professionalism. I like that Faith gave choices to discuss the Summary of Findings from the Annual Preventive Maintenance checklist point by point, rather than just leaving it behind. I opted to discuss with Faith and found it very helpful. I appreciate the consistency All Comfort Provides in quality of service. I am not a technical/mechanical person, and I appreciate the effort All Comfort Services makes to assure that I understand what is done, and I also appreciate the high quality of work.

- Mary Lou N.

Just had furnace serviced. Preventive before winter season. I think the tech said his name was Matt. Very thorough and most polite. Keep hiring guys like him.


- Joanne C.

Eric did a great job doing my yearly air conditioner check up. He showed up promptly at the 7:30 appointment time. He kept his work boots covered while he was in the house. Showed him the thermostat, furnace and outside unit and let him do his thing. Came back with a report where he mentioned there a couple of capacitors that are starting to wear and would need replacement. I really appreciated the heads up in case there’s an issue in hot weather.

- Keith H

Eric was at my house servicing my air conditioner. Eric did an excellent job. He is a fine young man. He also did a quality job. I’d like Eric to come back for future work and use All Comfort Services for future work as well. Thank you Eric for a great job!

- David G.

Kevin did a great job explaining and giving me all the options and time to research the information. Jesse, Lucas, and Brandon were great. Jesse let me see everything they were doing and it was great to know how the work was being done.

- Kathryn

Eric was out at her house today for an APM for her A/C. Eric was very courteous. He went over everything with Kathy and she really appreciated it. Thank you Eric for your good customer service

- Kathy S.

Faith was excellent and very efficient. Very friendly, and a good job overall. She told me everything she was going to do and helped me with everything, friendly very efficient, excellent!

- Sandra S.

Luke and Faith did a great job. They were personable, pointed out an issue with the fan, replaced part and I felt like they went the extra mile.

- Jeff K.

Billy was just at my home for an annual preventive maintenance for my air conditioner. Billy was very knowledgeable and polite. He also was able to teach me how to use the filters properly. I will definitely want Billy to take care of her furnace needs in the fall. Great job Billy!

- Jean R.

Billy and Faith did a fantastic job! They were very efficient, cleaned up well at the end, and did the job in a timely manner. Thank you both for a job well done!

- Barb R.

I just had an Aprilaire system installed. Matt did a great job. Thank you Matt for your excellent customer skills.

- Karen M.

Pat the plumber was at my house today and I want to let you know that he did a great job. He was very efficient. He was industrious and got right down to the work that was needed. I appreciate his work and we will continue to use All Comfort Services for our heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical

- Wayne B.

Pat was just at my house and he did an excellent job.

- Terri L.

Thank you for the prompt service you provided when my boiler was not working. I am very impressed that you were so quick and easy to work with on a Friday afternoon and that Jim B. is, as always, a pleasure to work with.

- Lisa

All Comfort is great. Furnace stopped working at -25°, freak out time. All Comfort had technician Larry at the house in 45 mins. Friendly and professional, he diagnosed the problem and fixed it in 1 hour. Great company, ask for Larry!

- Daniel

Today I had a service call (routine check and cleaning) for my furnace from All-Comfort Services. The service man was Eric and I found him to be one of the best servicemen I’ve ever met. He was friendly and very respectful, polite to a fault. He was clearly knowledgeable about the way furnaces work, as evidenced to me in how easily he answered my many questions. He explained everything to me in a very relaxed and patient way (not patronizing like some service folk can be with “seniors”!). My interaction with Eric and the other two gentlemen I spoke with in connection to this service was more than satisfactory. These people seem to be intent on customer satisfaction. I’m happy to have All-Comfort as my first choice for service. Even though I bought my equipment from them, I don’t feel obligated to use them. I choose them because they do a good job for me!

- Mary K

Maurice did wonderful work, he was friendly and efficient & was great about answering any questions in an easy to understand way!

- Judy P.

Great experience with All Comfort Services after our furnace went out on Christmas Eve. Luckily it was warm enough to hold out for a couple nights (assuming they charge extra on holidays?) and we called on December 26th. I figured they would be stacked with ‘catch up calls’, but they were able to have a technician out by 10, who noted our furnace was pumping out dangerously high levels of CO2 and we needed a new furnace. As an aside, the technician left our home feeling concerned he didn’t communicate well with me, so the owner actually called to make sure everything went okay (which it did, but it was nice for them to be proactive). The tech left at 10am, we had a bid for a new furnace by 12:30p, I made a few calls to their office that were pleasant, we had an appointment for a new furnace scheduled by 3p, with an excellent install by noon the next day, all without a trace of an install noted in our basement. We called around for a couple other bids with one actually coming in cheaper by a few hundred, but given the prompt response and follow-up call the peace of mind was well worth the extra cost.

- David

Tom (electrician) was on time, did the job efficiently and professionally, had a good attitude, left a clean workplace and suggested cost efficient solutions. What more can you ask?

- Doug

Never have I been more impressed with the quality of service from the first time I called (late on a Friday) to the installation. Knowledgeable and professional doesn’t do it justice. Thank you Debbie and the two man team (really nice and helpful willing to go the extra mile) that installed our furnace. I will NEVER call anyone else. You have a customer for life.

- Annetta

Karl. R did a great job. Very professional and thorough.

- Martin

Service technician, Karl, did an excellent job. If there is a scale from 0 – 10, I give Karl a 10!

- Bill

I was very happy with tech Jesse. Super professional. Knew his stuff. He also did a great job of repairing our furnace vent extensions. Great work. Fair Price.

- Gary

I was called two times to update me on the scheduled arrival of a technician to inspect my furnace. Billy T came within the time I was told, was polite, professional and answered all of my many questions. I feel that he went the extra mile to ensure that I was on board with everything he had done, and offered tips for my future use of my systems including a reminder to replace batteries in the thermostat. I am very pleased with his manner and the service he provided.

- Veronica

Maurice H was extremely personable, explaining things well and showing me what I can do to keep my equipment working well. He explained step by step what he was looking at and the status of my AC. I’d be happy to have him visit in the future as my service technician. Highly recommended.

- Craig

All Comfort Services dispatched Matt and Jesse to do the routine annual service on my HVAC system. They did a good job on the routine service. But then they went a step further. They listened to my concern that the original install needed some modification so the system would better meet my needs. They LISTENED to me… and then they fine-tuned the system settings. S W E E T !!!

- Vernon

Billy T., Jessie and Larry just finished an Outstanding job for me. They showed up on time, clean and professional looking. They were courteous and careful as they worked. They replaced our 29 year old furnaces (2) and central air conditioner. They installed 2 new furnaces, a central air unit and a humidifier. The newly installed equipment is lined up perfectly, looks and works great. All the connections of combustion air in, exhaust out, electricalpower, natural gas piping, duct work, thermostat wires and the thermostats are beautifully plumb, level and square with thier surrounding equipment and the house. They cleaned up the entire area perfectly and left nothing but the paperwork. They truly did do an outstanding job.

- Matthew

Gas leaks can happen …Today we received a call from Shelly R. thanking Luke and Hailey. Here is what she shared with us in her words: “I’m calling to thank Luke and Hailey because today there was a leak in my gas line and Luke found it. I woke today and didn’t have any hot water or heat. So, I called All Comfort Services and Hailey in customer service scheduled a service call for Luke to check my furnace. In the course of the conversation with Hailey, I realized that maybe I needed more gas and kept my appointment with Luke for the afternoon in case. After I got off the phone with Hailey, I contacted the gas company and they came and filled my gas tank. It was strange because the gas company said the tank should have been 50 percent. I just kept my appointment with Luke and I’m glad I did. When Luke came and went into basement he said he could smell gas and used his diagnostic equipment to confirm that there was a gas leak. Luke turned off the gas and even though I was inconvenienced for not having heat or hot water for the day it hit me that something far worse could have happened. Thank you, Hailey and Luke! “ — 03/27/2018 Shelly R.

- Shelly R.

Went very well, no complaints about anything with this company. Someone was here within the time frame they said to check out the furnace that wasn’t working, he explained everything to us , which we knew we weren’t going to fix but to replace the furnace as it was 28 years old. Billy T. showed up on time very professional explained what he was going to do and the time it was going to take. He made a path for himself from the front door to basement to protect my flooring since its winter. He cleaned up very well when he was finished. He explained how to use the new thermo stat, and set it up for me. He’s professional and a nice guy.. Did a great job in explaining and helped with rebate and did a job from start to finish in a excellent time spam as he explained.

- Debbie

Our technician was efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. We were very pleased.

- Janet

Matt C. was courteous, professional, outstanding, and terrific in every way. I’ve been a customer of All Comfort Services for years and I know Matt has been a technician with All Comfort Services for about 6 or 7 years but it’s like he has experience of someone who has 15 years. You can tell he’s a learner and eager to share knowledge.

- Steve

Every time we have you guys out, your technician is polite, prompt, and works quickly. They explain what has gone wrong, and give us options for how we would like to fix it. They never give us a hard sell on unnecessary work. I will be calling again, and recommend you to anyone looking for any of the many services you provide.

- Jesse

Thank you so much! Our air went out (completely shot) during the hottest week of the year so far (of course). All Comfort Services sent Jay out right away to help price and explain our options, and then five days later two amazing technicians (Mike G. and Brandon R.) showed up, removed and took away the old furnace and a/c unit, and installed new ones making sure they worked and that we knew how to operate it before they headed out. It took so much less time than I expecting, pricing was reasonable, and while it’s obviously an expense we’d rather not have had, they really did make it as painless as possible. Definitely recommend them if you need a/c and/or furnace service/replacement/repair. Thank you, Brandon and Mike G!

- Jackie U.

Billy and Mike, along with an awesome plumber and electrician, just completed an install of my new furnace, air conditioner and touchscreen thermostat. They were all incredible! On time, efficient, considerate, informative and thorough! I highly recommend All Comfort Services and their professional staff!

- Christine J

Mike G and Billy T did our furnace and A/C install today, and it couldn’t have gone better. Both were extremely professional and courteous, got the job done quickly, and explained everything when they were done. The system is up and running!

- Kristen

Matt C. performed detailed service call on our A/C today. He was very thorough and helpful and understanding of our concerns. He represented All Comfort in a professional and polite way. We were left with a thorough understanding following the service call.

- Norman S.

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