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Water Heater Repair in Madison, WI

Water heating is crucial for every household here in the Madison, WI, area and beyond — so when you need water heater repair, rely on the experienced plumbers at All Comfort Services. We’ll handle your request with the urgency it deserves, and promptly get your water heater back in service.

Whether you have a tankless water heater or a traditional tank water heater, powered by natural gas or electricity, our team is ready to help. We specialize in affordable Madison-area plumbing services — done right the first time — including expert water heater repairs.

Contact All Comfort Services for expert water heater repairs and up-front pricing when you call. Reach us at (608) 838-7300 or contact us online today!

When Should I Call for Water Heater Repair?

You may need repairs if you notice:

  • Water heater leaks
  • Unusual water heater noises
  • Water heater odor
  • Water heater delay (after you turn on the tap)
  • Water too hot
  • Water goes cold quickly
  • Rust-colored water
  • Water heater shuts off unexpectedly

Get affordable, reliable water heater repairs in Madison! Call us at (608) 838-7300 or contact us online today!

Water Heater FAQs

How long does a water heater last?

When properly maintained, your water heater can perform well from 8 to 12 years or more. Get your water heater inspected every 1 to 2 years to prolong its useful life.

What type of water heater maintenance can a homeowner do?

You can do some of these tasks on your own if you feel comfortable — or call our plumbers for an economical water heater inspection and maintenance visit, and we will handle these tasks:

  • Pressure relief valve testing
  • Flush sediment from the tank
  • Check the anode rod, which prevents rust/rusty water

We recommend giving us a call so we can repair your water heater, replace worn parts, and test it for safe operation.

Why don’t I have enough hot water?

A variety of issues can cause your home’s hot water supply to fall short. Your tank may be undersized for your needs or the tank may need to be flushed to eliminate sediment. Other possibilities include a malfunctioning gas control valve or thermostat, or electric components need to be replaced. Let us check your water heater and diagnose the problem for water heater repair. If you have other plumbing issues, remember that we provide complete plumbing services in Madison.

What do rumbling noises from the water heater mean?

You may have excess sediment in the water heater tank, which can trap water and heat it to boiling. You might try to drain some water from the tank to quiet the noise. First, shut off power to the water heater. Then attach a hose to the valve at the tank’s bottom, draining it for 5 minutes into a floor drain or the bathtub. Don’t drain onto your lawn or into the toilet bowl because the hot water can cause damage. In case of extreme sediment accumulation, it’s often more cost-effective to replace the water heater.

What should I do if my hot water is too hot?

Water heaters are typically pre-set to 120°F — turn your temperature dial down if it is above this setting. On an older water heater, set the thermostat at medium to moderate the water temperature.

Let the pros handle your water heater problems! We perform quick, economical, expert repairs. Schedule water heater repairs by calling (608) 838-7300 or contact All Comfort Services online today!

Water Heater Repair Services in Madison and Surrounding Areas

All Comfort Services repairs all types and brands of water heaters and offers a number of related services for your convenience. With nearly 50 years in business here in the Madison area, you can count on our skilled team. We bring in-depth experience and up-to-the-moment training to solve all your plumbing issues. Our up-front pricing ensures no unwelcome surprises, and we’re focused on your complete satisfaction.

Get your water heater repaired by the friendly plumbers at All Comfort Services. Call us at (608) 838-7300 or contact us online now.

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