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Infrared Thermography

Whether you own a home or a business in Madison, WI, the infrared thermography services provided by All Comfort Services can offer essential benefits. Through infrared thermography, minor problems with your heating and cooling system can be discovered before they become larger and more expensive problems. For commercial HVAC equipment, thermography services can detect catastrophic equipment failures before they bring your operations to halt.

For thermography services in Madison, WI, contact All Comfort Services online or call 608-838-7300. Our experts offer thermography services for all types of residential and commercial HVAC equipment.

How Does Infrared Thermography Work?

Malfunctioning equipment, including equipment that is about to fail, characteristically generates infrared heat that is beyond the tolerances for its design or application. Our technicians are experts at using infrared thermographic cameras to detect such heat.

This additional diagnostic tool increases our speed and efficiency at detecting and addressing your equipment’s problems. It can also uncover imminent problems that would otherwise go undetected through conventional means, and it is a service that most other Madison electrical contractors simply cannot provide.

Common Problems Detected by Infrared Thermography Services

Our thermography services can uncover all types of HVAC system problems, including:

  • Overheating motors, pipes, and heat exchangers
  • Worn bearings
  • Line blockages
  • Excessive moisture in HVAC equipment, including equipment in flood-damaged buildings
  • Excessive air penetration into heating and cooling systems
  • Improper storage tank levels
  • Missing, inadequate, or improperly installed insulation

Call 608-838-7300 to schedule thermography services for your Madison home or business. You can also schedule service online now.

Thermography Services for Non-Destructive Testing in Madison, WI

At All Comfort Services, our technicians are experts at using infrared thermography to conduct non-destructive testing. This is the ability to assay lightweight composite materials for moisture, delamination, and other structural defects without damaging or otherwise compromising them.

Call us today at 608-838-7300 to schedule a convenient appointment.

If we do detect electrical issues with your equipment, we can provide prompt, proper repairs to restore your system. Plus, with our money-saving maintenance program called the Comfort Club, you can take a proactive approach to maintaining your equipment. That can give you peace of mind that your systems are in peak condition and ready to serve your needs year after year!

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