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Ductless Mini-Split Installation & Replacement in Madison, WI

Experience the comfort and ease of a whole-home air heating system with the benefits of a ductless design. Professional ductless mini-split installation and replacement in Madison, WI, offers affordability, efficiency, and reliability in a sleek, save-spacing design. Engage the Madison-area HVAC experts at All Comfort Services to set up your system and start experiencing instant savings on your monthly energy bill.

Learn more about how a ductless mini-split system could benefit you and your household by contacting us at (608) 838-7300. Schedule a free consultation today! 

Benefits of a Professional Ductless Mini-Split Installation

More and more Madison residents are seeking ductless mini-split installation because of the many user-friendly benefits these convenient systems offer, such as:

  • Zoned Comfort Solutions® technology. Customize different climates for each room according to your personal preferences. Turn off an indoor unit in a room that isn’t regularly occupied for added savings.
  • Ductless design. Since ductless mini-split systems don’t require ductwork, they can be installed and mounted nearly anywhere you need added heating, offering design and functional flexibility like never before.
  • Energy savings. Ductless mini-split systems reduce heating costs by 30% compared to traditional heating systems. This is especially advantageous in regions with high fuel costs.
  • Heat and cool with the same system. Ductless mini-split systems can also be used to heat a space. Because they use heat transfer instead of heat generation, these systems use 60% less energy than standard heating systems.
  • Space-saving units. Forgo the large, bulky indoor floor or wall-mounted units of the past. Ductless mini-split systems offer ceiling-recessed designs along with short-run horizontal, duct-based air handlers that are unobtrusive and attractive.

Take your comfort to a new level with the innovative design of a ductless mini-split system from All Comfort Services. Contact us today at (608) 838-7300 to schedule a ductless mini-split installation in Madison. 

Our Ductless Mini-Split Installation Services

All Comfort Services delivers expert ductless mini-split installation in Madison, WI, with our friendly team of HVAC professionals. We offer the following professional ductless mini-split services:

Enlisting professionals to install your ductless mini-split system will ensure that each unit is properly sized for the space and that the product you choose will best match your needs and budget. All Comfort Services has access to the best ductless mini-split systems and installation equipment on the market. Our team will guide you through the entire process from consultation, to installation, to joining our money-saving maintenance program, Comfort Club.

Call on our NATE-certified Madison HVAC professionals at (608) 838-7300 to schedule your free initial consultation to get matched with your ideal comfort system today!

Why Choose Us?

Quality home comfort solutions begin with quality products and installation services. All Comfort Services is Madison’s number one heating and cooling company because we offer just that — quality. For more than 50 years, our team of highly trained HVAC professionals has been serving Madison residents with unparalleled services. Our customer-focused service model means you get transparent pricing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Experience superior service backed by our positive client reviews.

Contact our All Comfort Services team at (608) 838-7300 and see for yourself what award-winning services are all about!

Ductless Mini-Split Frequently Asked Questions

Are ductless mini-split systems reliable?

Yes. Ductless mini-split AC units don’t rely on ductwork to deliver cool air, helping you avoid issues like leaky ductwork.

How does ductless heating work?

Ductless systems utilize an outdoor heat pump and indoor air handler mounted on the wall or within the ceiling. A ductless heating unit works like a traditional heat pump system transferring heat rather than generating it, so it doesn’t need ductwork. Each area of your home has its own individual air handler so that you can customize the climate room by room.

What is the life span of a ductless unit?

How well you maintain your ductless heating unit, how well it is installed, and the amount of use your system gets will determine the life span of your unit. With due diligence, expect your ductless heating to offer 20 years or more of service.

Don’t take our word for it. Read what your Madison-area neighbors are saying about the All Comfort Services experience! Call us at (608) 838-7300 to schedule a free consultation today!

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