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Should You Get a Dual-Fuel Heat Pump System?

Written by Eric Sherwood | May 29, 2024

Trane heat pump system

As homeowners seek efficient, reliable heating and cooling, they face many options, including dual-fuel heat pump systems.

A compelling alternative to traditional HVAC setups, these innovative systems combine the strengths of both a furnace and a heat pump, offering year-round comfort with potential energy savings that Wisconsin families can’t afford to pass up.

In this blog post, the HVAC experts at All Comfort Services explain how dual-fuel systems work and whether it’s the right comfort solution for your specific needs.

What Is a Dual-Fuel System?

A dual-fuel system seamlessly integrates a heat pump with a traditional furnace, creating a hybrid system that can switch between electricity and gas based on the outdoor temperature and heating demands. During milder weather, the heat pump operates efficiently to provide both heating and cooling.

However, as temperatures drop and heating demands increase, the system automatically switches to the gas furnace, which is more effective in the extreme cold that’s common during Wisconsin winters.

Benefits of Dual-Fuel Systems

  • Energy efficiency: Dual-fuel systems optimize energy use by leveraging the efficiency of heat pumps during mild weather and the power of furnaces during extreme cold.
  • Environmental friendliness: Efficient energy use translates to a greener footprint. Dual-fuel systems help reduce carbon emissions by relying on electricity during less demanding conditions.
  • Year-round comfort: Dual fuel systems ensure your home remains comfortable regardless of the season. The heat pump effectively cools during the summer, while the furnace provides reliable heat in the winter.

Dual-Fuel Systems Can Lower Your Energy Bills

One of the most attractive benefits of dual-fuel systems is their potential to lower energy bills. Heat pumps can become less efficient in extremely cold weather and struggle to extract heat from the outside air or ground.

During these times, the gas furnace takes over, providing heat more efficiently and effectively than an electric heat pump could.

During milder winter conditions, the heat pump handles heating needs efficiently, using less energy than continuously running a furnace. In the summer, the heat pump operates similarly to a standard air conditioner, providing consistent, cool air.

A dual-fuel system switches between the heat pump and furnace based on weather conditions. This ensures that each component operates within its most efficient range, thereby saving energy and reducing comfort costs.

When To Consider a Dual-Fuel HVAC System

While the advantages of dual-fuel systems are clear, they’re not universally suitable for all homes. Here are some scenarios where you might consider installing a dual-fuel system:

  • Existing heat pump systems: Homes already equipped with an electric heat pump can often be upgraded to dual-fuel systems with moderate additional costs, mainly for furnace installation and gas line connection.
  • Homes with gas lines: If your home already has natural gas service, transitioning to a dual-fuel system can be straightforward and cost-effective since you won’t need to pay for additional gas line connection services.
  • Newly constructed properties: For new builds, integrating a dual fuel system from the start can be a wise investment, ensuring long-term energy efficiency and comfort.

It’s important to note that some setups may require a higher upfront investment, particularly for homes only using electric heating and older homes that require extensive retrofitting.

Learn More About Dual-Fuel from All Comfort Services

Are you interested in learning more about whether a dual-fuel system is right for your Wisconsin home?

All Comfort Services has the answers you seek. Our HVAC experts have decades of experience installing and servicing dual-fuel systems, allowing local families to take full advantage of the most advanced comfort equipment available.

Speak with our comfort specialists by contacting our team online to learn more about our dual-fuel system services today.

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