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All Comfort Services is your most comprehensive resource for Madison home heating repair. We are available 24/7 to provide a repair on your air conditioner. If you need a repair, you will benefit from our upfront pricing. Unlike other Madison heating & cooling contractors, we do not charge by the hour. You will always know your exact cost before we begin your work. With over 40 years of experience serving Madison and Dane County, we can accurately assess how long your project will take and what materials it will require. This allows us to give you a firm price rather than billing you by the hour—no matter how long it ultimately takes us. This ensures you there will be no hidden costs or surprise expenses.

Air Conditioner Service Tune Up

Scheduling an annual preventive maintenance to service your air conditioner is one of the most important things you can do to not only prolong the life of your air conditioner but to maintain the efficiency of the unit itself. By trying to keep the efficiency at the SEER rating as it was when it was new will help keep your energy bills consistent over time. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner will also keep the internal parts clean, operational, and can help maintain the life of the equipment by replacing worn or failing parts.

Here is our tune-up checklist:

Inside Unit Inspection

1. Check Thermostat For Proper Operation
2. Check High and Low Returns
3. Check for Air Leaks and Noise in the Ductwork
4. Replace Air Filter If Requested
5. Inspect Indoor Blower Wheel
6. Check AMP Reading of the Indoor Blower
7. Circuit Breaker Box
8. Clean Condensate Drain
9. Return Air Temperature
10. Supply Air Temperature
11. Drop in Temperature

Outside Unit Inspection

12. Suction Pressure
13. Discharge Pressure
14. Inspect Outside Coil
15. Inspect Fan Blades and Lubricate Motor Bearings
16. Inspect Electrical Wires and Connections
17. Check Capacitors
18. Check the Contactor
19. Check the AMP Draw
20. Check for Noise and Vibrations

Many of the same things you can do to improve the efficiency of your heating system will also increase the efficiency of your air conditioning. Among them are these 5 tips:

  • 1. Change filters regularly – Dirty filters are the most common cause of heating & cooling inefficiency – and the easiest to fix. Dirty filters impede airflow, causing your system to work more for less comfort. When your filters are replaced regularly, more conditioned air can flow through the system and get delivered to your living spaces.
  • 2. Insulate your ductwork – Ducts are made of metal and therefore poor insulators. Wrapping them with duct insulation will keep conditioned air colder as it travels to the living spaces where you want it. Such insulation also reduces leaks at seams and joints.
  • 3. Keep wall – and floor vents clear – Do not trap conditioned air behind drapes or furniture by obstructing your vents with them.
  • 4. Install a programmable thermostat – Set it for 78° F to heat or cool your home 30 minutes before you get there. Set it for 85 ° F when you are away. Doing so can help you save 10-to-20 percent on your annual energy bill.
  • 5. Install a whole-house fan – One of these will completely exchange the air in your home in only minutes – pulling in cool air while expelling warm – reducing the need to run your air conditioner.

However, if your central air-conditioning unit is more than ten years old, you can probably realize significant annual savings by replacing it with a newer, more energy efficient model. Among central air conditioners, we recommend and install Lennox air conditioners.

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