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Which Heating System Is Best for My Wisconsin Home?

Written by Nick Moran | October 3, 2023

Whether you own a new or older home, a reliable heating system is a necessity. There are many ways to heat a home in Wisconsin, which can make it difficult to determine which equipment is right for your home.

All Comfort Services services and installs a wide range of systems to keep your property warm throughout winter. Count on our experts to help you select the best system for your heating needs.


Furnace system on white background

You can choose between gas, electrical, and oil furnaces. These heating systems generate intense, fast heat and pass it through your home.

Combustion-based furnaces require safe ventilation and have unique fueling concerns, but gas and oil tend to cost less than electricity despite a somewhat lower efficiency at converting into heat. 

Electric furnaces are inexpensive to install and avoid many complications, but they can cost more to operate. However, furnaces are generally the least efficient heating option, even at their best. 

Central Heat Pumps

Heat pump outside of brick home.

A heat pump system doesn’t generate heat directly like a furnace. Instead, it compresses heat from the air outside your home and transfers that heat into your home via refrigerant lines. 

It’s akin to a reversed air conditioner. Heat pumps can also cool your home in the summer by reversing the process.

The heat is vented at a central air handler, like the one on your furnace, which blows heat through ducts to different rooms.

Heat pumps lose efficiency at low temperatures, but ones designed for cold environments operate fine. 

Dual-Fuel System

Dual-fuel systems combine a gas or oil furnace with a heat pump to allow for intense heat when you need stronger, faster heat and gentle, efficient heat when that makes more sense. 

As heat pumps have become more efficient and effective even at the lowest temperatures, dual-fuel systems have become less necessary for comfort, but they still offer some value. 

Ductless Mini-Splits

Hand holding remote adjusting ductless mini-split temperature.

A ductless system uses the same heat-moving technology as a heat pump but doesn’t release heat at a central air handler to be delivered via ductwork.

Instead, refrigerant lines run to mini-splits throughout your home, each with a fan to vent hot air directly into the room. 

This reduces energy waste through ductwork and can allow for even greater efficiency. You can also set up zoned climate control for different temperatures in different spaces. 


Boiler in basement of a Wisconsin home.

Boilers leverage the exceptional heat conduction of water to transfer heat efficiently through your home via water or steam pipes.

They come in hot water and steam variants and can run on gas or electricity, though all run similarly. This allows them to offer superior heating efficiency to furnaces while also offering a gentler, less dry heat. 

You give up air circulation but eliminate the mess and inefficiency of ductwork. Boilers also last longer than any of the other systems mentioned if well-maintained, somewhat countering their higher installation cost. 

What Works Best for Wisconsin Homes?

Determining which system is best for your Wisconsin home will depend on several factors, including:

  • Your upfront budget
  • Your fuel source preference
  • Which system your home currently uses
  • Whether your home has ductwork or not
  • Whether you want gentle, steady heat or intense, fast heat

Overall, the latest heat pump systems are the most popular option for a home, but your specific preferences and needs will matter more.

Explore Your Options With All Comfort Services

If you’d like to learn more about your options for heating a home in Wisconsin, contact the experts at All Comfort Services today. We offer free installation estimates, with upfront and honest pricing on all services and products. 

Contact All Comfort Services today to request a free heating system installation estimate.

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