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What Is an HVAC Zoning System?

Written by Jay Elert | April 28, 2021

HVAC zoning meets the unique needs of each area of your home instead of heating or cooling everything at once like a traditional system. Zoning systems give you better control over each area and can be more energy-efficient than a traditional system.

A zoning system might be right for you if you have:

  • Unoccupied areas – You likely don’t need to constantly heat or cool your guest room all year round, but you want it to be comfortable when it’s needed.
  • Rooms with different HVAC needs – You might want to keep your home gym cooler than the rest of the house or create an easy compromise for the two family members who always fight over the thermostat.
  • Temperature imbalance – You know that one room you never go into because it’s always stuffy? Or maybe you have a lot of windows that make one area too cold or even a fireplace that confuses your thermostat. Use zoned heating and cooling for those rooms that need a little extra temperature regulation.

How Do HVAC Zoning Systems Work?

A zone heating system or HVAC zoning system is like Thanksgiving dinner (stick with me, here). Each tasty dish is just one element of the larger meal (or system). The turkey is your furnace and AC unit; it’s doing all the heavy lifting, but it needs the other elements like potatoes (dampers) and pumpkin pie (thermostats) before you can call it a full meal.

Your home’s zone heating system is the same way. While your furnace and AC units are involved, they need thermostats and dampers to make up the complete zoning system. After working with a knowledgeable HVAC company (like All Comfort Services) to design your unique zoning system, the thermostats in each zone will tell dampers to open or close, allowing or restricting airflow to those areas.

Pros & Cons of Zoned HVAC Systems

The biggest pro of zoning is that you can make your whole home comfortable through better temperature control. Another pro is the energy efficiency and savings on your energy bills by avoiding the “if it’s on, it’s on everywhere” approach of traditional systems. Would you really turn every TV on in your home to watch it in your living room? If not, why do the same with your HVAC?!

The one main downside for homeowners looking to upgrade to a zoning system is usually the initial cost. This depends on the current HVAC setup and the number of zones you’re establishing. If you’re building a new home, starting with a zoned system is much more affordable.

How All Comfort Services Can Help

Because zoning is an intricate, whole-home system, it requires knowledgeable professionals who care about customers just as much as they care about the quality of their work. Thankfully, the technicians at All Comfort Services are expertly trained to design and install zoning systems. Plus, we won’t call a job done until you are 100% satisfied and aim to get you the best value for your dollar in every interaction with us.

Curious about whether HVAC zoning is right for you? Call now at (608) 838-7300 to schedule your free initial consultation with All Comfort Services today!

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