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Severe Weather Tips

Written by All Comfort Services | November 11, 2013

Severe Weather Tips

There are all sorts of misconceptions about how we are to act during severe weather. For instance, did you know that if you open all of your doors and windows before a tornado hits, that your home has a 70% chance of survival? Well, that’s actually not true. It’s a MYTH. But, on some level, it seems to make sense, doesn’t it? There would be a lot less pressure in your home because the air pressure can escape easily in and out of the doors and windows. But it just isn’t true. A tornado packs more of a punch than that. But, rather than take it from us, take it from NOAA (The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Follow the link below to see what you should do in thunder and lightning storms, as well as floods and tornadoes. It’s a 20-page Preparedness Guide on severe weather. Well worth the read.


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