All Comfort Services Security Systems

Modern security systems have evolved beyond simple “burglar alarms” for your home or business. Today’s comprehensive systems not only detect unwanted intruders, but can also monitor for smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, flooding, and aberrant temperature.

We recommend and install:

Total Connect™ by Honeywell

Total Connect™ by Honeywell allows you to stay connected to your home or business 24/7. Use your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other mobile device to receive important alerts, view live video, and control your security system remotely—whenever you want and wherever you are.

Total Connect™ for your home

See when your children return from school, know when your babysitter or housekeeper arrives, check in on your grandparents—and more. Total Connect™ by Honeywell puts peace-of-mind in the palm of your hand.

Total Connect™ for your business

Know exactly when customers enter and exit your premises; observe employee behavior and productivity; monitor cash registers; guard against theft, vandalism, and loitering; know when expensive equipment has been moved or disturbed. Total Connect™ gives you the critical information you need to help manage your business, your employees—and especially the unexpected.

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