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Why Is My Microwave Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

Posted On: December 7, 2020

Few appliances in your home work harder to make life more convenient than your microwave oven. Whether you are cooking…

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Electrical Safety During A Thunderstorm

Posted On: July 30, 2020

The National Weather Service estimates that 25 million lightning strikes occur annually in the U.S., which makes lightning a real…

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Enjoy Free Air Conditioning With Solar!

Posted On: February 6, 2014

Incentives Information may have changed since this article was written. Check with Aaron Robarge for more information. The U.S. federal…

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Severe Weather Tips

Posted On: November 11, 2013

There are all sorts of misconceptions about how we are to act during severe weather. For instance, did you know…

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Home Security – Tips

Posted On: September 9, 2013

You can never be too sure about the protection of your home and family. All Comfort Services is proud to…

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