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Whole-Home Cooling Services

Need a new central air conditioner installed? Keep in mind that your home’s central air-conditioner is highly integrated with your heating equipment. It shares ductwork, blower motors, electronic digital controls, and more with your furnace.

This is why having your central air-conditioning equipment specified and priced over the telephone is not a good idea. The information gathered during such a phone call can only be very basic and inadequate to ensure you realize maximum value and performance from your investment.

Instead of a telephone call, we will schedule a free in-home consultation to assess your heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning system completely and comprehensively. Based on extensive experience and product knowledge, we can advise you about what existing components are best to adapt to your new equipment, and which are more economically replaced.

For example, will it be most cost-effective to adapt your existing furnace to a new central air-conditioner? Or would the cost of parts and labor be better spent on a new furnace that is designed to be compatible with your new A/C equipment in the first place?

Of course, the decision is solely yours and must take into account your particular situation. But we want you to make that decision with the very best information available.

Site-specific factors

There are many site-specific factors that must be assessed in relationship to one another for you to realize the full comfort- and economic value of your air conditioning equipment. This cannot be done without visiting your home. For example, if your home is facing south on a sunny lot, it is going to present air-conditioning requirements and challenges that are different from one that is facing north among trees. A hilltop site might be more humid than one in a valley. South-side rooms will require more cooling than those on the north—and so forth.

Product-specific factors

The adage used to be “the bigger the air-conditioner the better.” Not so anymore. One that is too large will “short cycle.” This means your oversized air conditioner cools the air too rapidly, causing a short run time. Thus your air conditioner will run excessively, switching itself on-and-off with annoying frequency. Some areas of your home will be freezing while others remain stubbornly hot and humid. And since this is grossly inefficient, you will pay more for less comfort.

Why Choose All Comfort Services for Madison central air conditioning installation, service, and repair?

Your whole-house air conditioner is integrated with many other heating and ventilation components throughout your home. Its installation, maintenance, and repair demand expertise across plumbing, electricity, ductwork, thermostats, electronic digital controls, building codes, environmental regulations, and more. So minimally, the person you trust with your Madison central air-conditioning installation should have knowledge across a spectrum of skills, technologies, and even legalities.

Not only do our heating maintenance & repair technicians have the required comprehensive expertise, they are fully backed by our Plumbing and Electrical divisions.

This means that we have licensed plumbers and electricians immediately available should your situation require them, thus avoiding the extra time, cost, and complications inherent to securing subcontractors-especially on short notice or in emergencies.

As well, based on out 40+ years of experience, we will arrive at your home in one of our familiar yellow trucks, fully stocked with whatever is most likely required to complete your repair. This is no small thing! It is a large investment in parts, tools, and equipment. But minimizing the need to fetch parts helps us realize economies and efficiencies that we pass on to you in the form of relative value and speedy service.

All Comfort Services offers custom ductwork fabricated onsite or at our shop

Unlike virtually all other Madison central air-conditioning contractors, we have complete ductwork fabrication capabilities, including mobile equipment that enables us to build custom ductwork quickly and easily onsite at your home as needed. And when you additionally consider our full-time heating and air-quality specialists, it becomes evident that All Comfort Services is your most comprehensive resource for Madison heating & cooling system installation, maintenance, and repair.

In sum, we can very likely solve your home heating system problem more quickly and efficiently than any other Madison heating & cooling contractor.

And just how fast?