Your Initial Consultation

Your relationship with All Comfort Services begins with a free initial consultation and assessment of your home and its various systems. This typically takes our consultant between 60 and 90 minutes. And what could both of you possibly talk about for all that time?



It’s not merely about heating & cooling. It’s about your comfort.

Do you have drafty spots in your home? Does your furnace or air-conditioner “short cycle,” running often but for just short spurts of time? Is the air in the winter unusually dry? In the summer, is your house cool but feels “clammy?” Is one part of the house freezing while others remain warm? Is your heating and air-conditioning system noisy?

While you might reasonably think that these and other problems simply call for repair or replacement of your furnace or air-conditioner, complete solutions require much more expertise and forethought. For example:

  • The size and even the shape of your ductwork will affect airflow and duct-borne noise.
  • The location of compressors and other components must be done thoughtfully, or else annoying low-frequency “rumble” can enter your home’s living space.
  • Furnaces or air-conditioners certainly can be too small for your home. But they can also be too large, causing so-called “short cycling.” A more efficient “two zone” system might be called for, or perhaps installing two small systems rather than a single large one.

These are some of the first things to discuss with your consultant.

Even the simplest repairs deserve sophisticated expertise.

Modern homes have complicated heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, and electrical components that are controlled by electronic digital microprocessors. Therefore, it is difficult and usually counterproductive to think of one part without due consideration to all the others.

For example, you might want to replace a malfunctioning 20-year old furnace in your home, but not the 15-year old central air-conditioner that is still performing “within specs.” But if you look a little more closely, you will notice that your home’s heating and air-conditioning components are highly integrated.

Your furnace and central air conditioner share ductwork, blowers, electronic digital controls, and more. One cannot be replaced without affecting the other. So is it cost-effective to adapt your existing central air-conditioner to a new furnace? Or would the cost of parts and labor be better spent on a new central air-conditioner that is design-compatible with your new furnace in the first place?

Based on extensive experience and product knowledge, your consultant can advise you about what existing components are best to adapt to your new equipment as opposed to which are more-economically replaced. Of course, the decision is solely yours and must take into account your particular situation. But we want you to make that decision with the very best information available.

And no matter what parts or new equipment you need or want, we probably can have it for you today. How do we ensure that?